One of the most stable economies in Africa

Mauritius is one of the strongest economies in Africa, categorised as an upper-middle income country. Over the last four decades, the island has recorded a healthy and sustained average GDP growth rate of 5%. From a monocrop economy, based on cultivation of sugarcane, the island has successfully transformed itself into a robust, diversified and innovation-driven economy resting on agro-industry, export-oriented manufacturing, tourism, financial services, property development & real estate, ICT-BPO, Freeport & logistics and seafood. Niche opportunities are cropping up in local emerging sectors such as healthcare, life sciences, knowledge, renewable energies, creative industries, marinas and film making.

The capital Port Louis (approximately 150 thousand people), is the second most important financial center of Africa after Johannesburg. The city also has the highest standard of living in Africa and is home to the largest port facility in the Indian Ocean.

Mauritius has been voted the best-governed country in Africa for five consecutive years. According to the Democracy Index, Mauritius is the only African country that practices "full democracy".

Mauritius is one of the most dynamically developing countries in Africa. Despite the uncertainty in the world economy, investors continue to consider Mauritius an attractive investment destination and a kind of "portal" to continental Africa. Current economic information and trade and investment assistance can be found at the links below.

The island is becoming one of the world's leading luxury tourism destinations. Mauritius has received the "World's Leading Island Destination" award three times, "World's Best Beach" awards, "Leading Golf Destination". The small country welcomes over 1 million tourists a year and boasts one of the world's highest rates of return tourists.

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